Saturday, March 4, 2017

LAVA Rock at Growlers 3/2017

If you like:

Led Zeppelin


Van Halen


. . . Then you will like LAVA Rock! My bride Christi and I had the pleasure of LAVA Rock coming to town, so we could not pass up the opportunity to see them so close to home. I will have to say, with great respect to all of the bands who have played Growlers, LAVA Rock kicked it with great tunes, super great sound, and an audience participation that took it to another level. Thank you LAVA Rock!

I first met LAVA Rock during battle of the bands at 118th Bourbon Street, in Marionette Park. Christi had seen them before and follows them, however went astray after I married her. So she introduced me them at Bourbon Street. What a proud band they are, living the dream as it were, making work life of music their greatest joy.

The band:

Kerry Devine - Vocals, Harmonica, Bagpipes

Gerald Guzman - Guitar, Vocals, Talk Box

Lenny Vertucci - Guitar, Vocals

John Sullivan - Bass, Vocals

Robert (Animal) Behnke - Drums, Cymbals

After going through the photos, this was one "kick ass" night. Enjoy!

There is a reason why they have nicknamed the drummer "Animal" . . .

Kerry took the band (less drummer) round the horseshoe bar. Lighting was not that great for photography, so do not let that full you. The band did an excellent job entertaining "the other side" of the bar.


Growlers on Highway
2816 Highway Ave.
Highland, IN 

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