Friday, July 5, 2013

The Nancy Boys at the Palatine Hometown Fest 2013

I have met a lot of new friends in the last year. Now as the months repeat, it is like an anniversary with them, my friends. This 4th of July weekend I went to photograph my friends band, as I did last year.

Last year they were billed as the Whiskey Tango Band. This year, The Nancy Boys. It has been a year since I saw them last. It was like it was just yesterday. Facebook has a tendency to keep friends close to each other. I would not have thought that prior to this blog post, but it has. It was nice to see Nancy and Tom again, along with Ray and Joe. This year they had a new drummer, Mike Levin.

Here are some photos of the event. The first photo I was experimenting with fill flash. The photo taken without flash (not shown), everyone was a silhouette, while the outside was properly exposed. Shooting in manual I tried the flash, and it came out pretty good. More practice is needed.

Here we go, on the Nancy Boys magic carpet ride . . .

Here are a couple vids for you to enjoy too . . .

Okay, if you did not get the hint, Nancy was herself today. Full of energy. Full of joy to want to entertain us. She engaged us, welcomed us, and made us smile. Thank you Nancy!!! And her Boys!!!!

The Nancy Boys
(prior Whiskey Tango Band)

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