Thursday, April 12, 2012

84th Acoustical JAM - Paul Henry's Art Gallery

Better late than never?  I missed the 83rd JAM because I was in Atlanta for photography.  If you get a chance, check out "Wes' Excellent Adventure - Lighting 101", for just a small few of the very many photos I took.

The 84th JAM I left early.  Seems when you do a thing like that, you feel like you just left your puppy dog on the side of the road.  You miss the mutt.  Not that Paul Henry's is a mutt - you just miss the place, the people, the gaiety of it all.  However, I was not feeling well, so as to not depress everyone I left.

Here is a short selection of photos for you to enjoy.  I must say, it is always a pleasure listening to Matt Heckler's songs, and the accompaniment of Mark Biegel.

First up, to warm us up, and first time at Paul Henry's (I think we need to give an award for triple first - call it the Wes award!), was Carlos.  He was followed by Matt and Mark, then Dave Guiden and Jim Murzyn, then Rich Wotkun, followed by me leaving because I needed to.

If you get and chance, and you would like, please check out my photography portfolio at, and leave me a comment.  I am all about improvement!

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