Friday, April 27, 2012

"Soul Yard Revisited" - Drawings of Lou Shields

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A very cool opening showing of Lou Shields art at Paul Henry's Art Gallery this evening (Friday, April 27th). Not much to say except Wow! Thirty-seven different pieces (if I counted right). The show started at 7:00 PM, and when I got there at 6:59 PM a couple pieces were already taken. I scrambled, looked, bought, and wished I bought because friend Mark Biegel beat me to one I was really wanting. Figuring out in my head where to get the cash resulted in me loosing out on the painting. However, Mark will display in a proper place, one meant for a musician, like Lou.

So with that, let us just go to the photos . . . oh, and a home movie at the end, so I will tell you now, do not expect much because I am not a movie guy.

Oh, and I am new at this vid stuff, so do not expect the camera man to know how to focus first!

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