Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lincoln Hall - One Great Venue

I went to LH (Lincoln Hall) to see Casket Showroom.  I am glad I did.  It was great to see these guys in a larger venue, and to see them pumped up for the challenge.

LH is an excellent venue for bands, so if you are a band, get yourself booked!  LH is arranged with a front dining and bar area, which is separated from the concert area.  I like that concept because it allows for a place to sit and talk to friends, or go onto the concert floor to listen and watch the bands.  The food selection, quality, and service were all good, and LH keeps it very clean.

Now, though this is an excellent venue for a concert, it plays games with you if you are a photographer.  The lighting affects are cool to watch as a concert goer, and endlessly difficult to balance as a photographer, even in AWB.  So, I had to break down and Photoshop the colors (quickly - never dabbled in Photoshop before).  And YES Renee, I shot sushi (RAW) for the 3rd time in my life!  (I need to learn to exploit the technology I think, if I am going to stay ahead here.)

All of the bands were great.  I stayed as long as I could - I was traveling the prior two weeks and it wore on me.  I left the concert probably half way through The Limbos performance, which I felt bad about and do apologize for.  So, here was the lineup at Lincoln Hall . . .

The Limbos

Diana and the Dishes

The Casket Showroom

Pork 'N Beans

First up was Pork 'N Beans, with Shane Wallace on guitar, and Shanna Berry on bass.  I thought this group had a very simple, yet powerful and rich rhythm and sound.  A lot of it due to a great base player, Shanna, who I really enjoyed.  Her bluesy, hard bass, seductive voice, along with her performance drew me in wanting more.  Here are some photos of the band . . .

It is probably obvious with the above photos I was really digging Shanna's performance.  I loved how she got down with the bass, and her all around artistry of voice and performance.

The Casket Showroom was up next, my guys, with James Sanders on guitar and bass, Jason Melton on bass and guitar, and Steven Ondo on drums and birthday (yep, was his birthday).  I swear James Sanders' looks, actions, voice, remind me of John Belushi.  These guys look at life in a good way and have fun.

Typically, one would not have a problem photographing a base player. They are generally still or smooth moving enough to capture in low lighting. Not either of these guys. It does not matter what instrument they play, there is action, and lack of usable photos from this challenging lit venue. Check out the photo set . . .

For more Casket Showroom, check out my St. Patrick's day photos of their performance at Porter's Tap in NW Indiana (click here).

Next was Diana and the Dishes with Diana Lawrence on piano, Dave Saenger on guitar, Dan Thatcher on bass, and Bob Parlier on drums. I bought there CD at the show and listened to it the next day on the way to work. It is really good, however after seeing them in person, I had the realization this was only half the experience, half the performance, that Diana and the band put in. You have to See them, to fully grasp their talent, her talent, and to walk away with an experience you never had before. There CD is great, however seeing and hearing Diana in concert is excitingly superb. Broadway, jazzy, soul sounding, is the best that I can describe how their artistry hit me, along with the charisma of Diana.

Great NEWS!  Diana gave me permission to put up their song "Mess Around (I Don't Wanna)" which is excellent.  Again, hearing it is one thing.  Couple it with these photos, and if you were lucky visions of the actual stage performance, and this is one big hit!  If you click here you will go to their website that has the song, from their CD "Take A Picture".  Don't figure huh, me messing around with my photography and liking this song . . .

I cannot get the beat, rhythm, sound, enjoyment of Diana's music out of my head.  And that is good, because it keeps a smile on my face.

Next up . . . The Limbos with Ryan Miera on keyboard, Maccabee Kelem on bass, Drew Current on drums, and Ryan Imboden on trumpet A very good, well performed, clean instrumental group. I will have to go back to see them again. Here is their photo set, for the time I was there.

This next photo pretty much shows you the lighting challenge I had . . .

The End

With respect to the guys of the bands, and especially my pals from Casket Show Room, I have to give the night to the ladies, Shanna and Diana.  They gave a memorable performance.  And I will give the evening performance to Diana and the Dishes, for their fresh, Broadway, jazzy, soul sounding artistry that really made an impact on my evening.  I am definitely going to keep track of their work . . .

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JDSundeavors said...

Wow, whatever you did in photoshop created such a cool still effect. These are my favorite photos. They capture the feeling of such a memorable night so well. Great stuff as usual, Wes.

Wesley Bushby said...

Thanks. I am glad you like them. It was difficult, and I did not spend a whole lot of time in Photoshop. I just had to correct a lot of crazy colors. Keep us posted on your next gig . . .