Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sufi's - A Taste of Persia

Going to Atlanta anytime soon?  I had the great opportunity to study photography lighting under Parish Kohanim of Atlanta over the weekend.  After such a great weekend, I did not think it could get better, however Parish made is so.  He took us to Sufi's in Atlanta for a Persian cuisine, just up the street from the photography studio.

We went out on a Sunday night.  The photography workshop was over, and most had to leave early for home. My plans allowed me to stay overnight and travel to my next location Monday.  So when Parish invited us out with Canon, I said Yes!

When you go out with a small group, you tend to focus on the immediate surrounds of the group you are with.  Not necessarily the ambiance of the venue, restaurant, theatre.  However, I was with photographers, and one of the greats.  So this rule was somewhat out the door.  As I mentioned in my prior blog entry, Parish immediately began to smile once we were seated.  He saw the photographic opportunities with the natural lighting.  Oh, yes we were seated outdoors on the front patio, that was covered by a wood, lattice I think, canopy.  The weather was perfect that evening, in the upper 70's.

I watched the people as they came and left, selected my food, listened to the musical entertainment.  Looking around, one could not have picked a more perfect evening.  The staff were courteous, attentive, serving our every need.  The lighting as the sun went down was gorgeous.  Couples came to have dinner along with business men, and of course our large group.

Here are some photos.  I strongly recommend you visit their website, being the photos there are much better.  You can click on my photos to enlarge them, and if you click on the enlarged photo, you will index through all the photos.

The food was terrific. I am a burger guy, and never have ventured into ethnic food before. This was totally awesome. If I can remember right, I had some appetizers of Mast Kheyar, Hummus, and one more dish that I cannot remember. For my meal I had Shrimp Kabob.  Jumbo shrimp marinated in the most wonderful taste of, well, I do not know, except that it was mouth watering good, with saffron basmati rice.

So, if you are in Atlanta any time soon, and believe me, after writing this I want to go back to Sufi's right now, stop by and say hello to Parish for me, and plan on spending a long evening at Sufi's Atlanta.  (No alcohol is served, which I truly respect.  We were able to bring in our own bottles of wine.)

For more information:

Sufi's Atlanta - a taste of Persia
1814 Peachtree St. NW
Atlanta, GA  30309

(404) 888-9699

Online Reservations are Accepted

To visit Parish Kohanim:

Parish Kohanim Photography
1130 W. Peachtree St. NW
Atlanta, GA  30309

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