Friday, April 20, 2012

Just Lou Shields - Reggies Music Joint

Yes, an all Lou Shields night!!! Lou was scheduled to play "happy hour", and did make us happy. However, the band for the night cancelled. So Lou entertained us for more than a happy hour. That was a delight . . . so I will call this the "Lou Shields delight night!" It was a strong performance throughout the evening, even when Lou commented his voice felt a bit strained at the end.

Enjoy the photo shoot, and as usual, click on the photo to enlarge and to index through . . .

And, to show you how a little tilt of the guitar and lighting can affect a photographer, look at the blue color from the lighting popping out of Lou's guitar . . . taken right after the shot above . . .

Some "inside Reggies" photos, stage right . . .

A lot of guitar switching this evening, being the King of music this evening.  I think the miles on his guitars are surpassing his car tonight . . .

Thank's again Lou, for a strong night, after a previous strong night at Paul Henry's Art Gallery!

Lou has a three day reception, "Soulyard Revisited", at Paul Henry's Art Gallery, April 27-29.  

Event Schedule:

Artist Reception:  Friday, April 27th 7-10pm
Music Performance / Artist Talk: Saturday, April 28th 7-10PM
BBQ (hurray!), More Music, More Art:  Sunday April 29th noon - 3pm

For more information, go to this FaceBook link.

For Lou's new FaceBook pages, click Music or Art right here.

Paul Henry's Art Gallery is located at:

416 Sibley
Hammond, IN

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