Sunday, July 1, 2012

Whiskey Tango Band - does it again!

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You cannot deny the showmanship of this band, and the stage presence of Nancy Fisher.  They are dynamic, fearless, a team energized by Nancy Fischer, which in tern the band and the fans, re-energize Nancy.  She was a tornado today, cutting across the stage, connecting each band member, and giving each their spot in front of the audience.  It was spectacular!

This photo shoot was at the 2012 Palatine Hometown Fest.  I had a great time there.  The food, people, everything, was great !

Nancy Fisher - Lead Vocal

Tom Coll - Guitar, Vocal

Ray Bernier - Guitar, Vocal

Jim Mathews - Drums

Joe Kazlauskas - Bass

There is no question that Nancy is hot, and the band is hot. They are unique, as they should be. They are not your small town band. They are not you label band. They ARE however, our local artists. Artists that each of us can appreciate, talk to, become part of their family, and whom gives you something to take home and remember. A smile for sure . . .

I have been trying to get a photo gig with a name band. Though each time I go and photograph our local talent, I have to ask myself why would I think a name band would give me any more excitement, energy, as Whiskey Tango or any of our other local bands. So maybe my mission needs to be seeing more local talent. If I get picked up to do a photo gig with a name band, then so be it. Just do not sweat it if I do not get it.

Here are some photos of Whiskey Tango at the Palatine Hometown Fest this July 1st, 2012 . . .

If there seems to be a lot of photos of the tornado, Nancy, it is because I like her . . . who would not . . .

I happened to look back to the Fest, and saw this little girl imitating Nancy . . . was pretty cool to watch . . . both she and Nancy had more energy than I and I think everyone else could come up with on this hot day . . .

There was some hair cutting going on before Whiskey Tango began (see photo above), to benefit cancer patients. This seemed to carry on throughout each set. More photos of that will be at the end of this blog.

All I can say is do not get in the way, or you will get swept up by the tornado . . . maybe that is not a bad thing.

Nancy comes with an attitude . . . one for performing. She takes each show and puts her all into it. And again, the band has a lot to do with it, designing, supporting, participating in this art.

Here are some additional photos . . . (hey, if you guys read this, send me a message with your names so I can put them in)

For information on Whiskey Tango Band . . .

Whiskey Tango Band
(a Rock Cover Band)

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It was a lot of fun, and it is fun to share . . . thank you for checking it out.