Saturday, July 21, 2012

Yoga In The Park - July 21st

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The 2013 Yoga In The Park will start June 1st, 2013, 9-10:00 AM both Saturdays and Sundays near shelter 1!!!!!

Another nice day for another Yoga In The Park . . . poetry in motion . . .

Oh, a little camera break.  I get exhausted watching Yoga . . . :) (Because I know I need to do it, and not fit.)  The interesting part is, I had to switch to manual focus because the camera would not "lock on".  Then I remembered my early days with a full manual camera, never having to stop for anything . . . just shoot, and pay the price of film and developing.  Digital does have advantages.

Look at all the Yogi's!

Okay, this photo of Sandra reminded me of The Who, "I'm Free".

And what a way to mellow out at the end of a session, with John Sarantos over you telling a story with his Native American flute.

Art is everywhere, even in Yoga.  I know I would break something if I dove into it.  It does take an increasingly positive stretch and energy to get up to what these Yoga practitioners are doing.  Do not get me wrong, anyone can do this.  Just start slow and keep a constant positive energy about you to improve.

I hope you enjoyed the photos, and perhaps feel a bit motivated to join the fun !

Come and enjoy, every Saturday morning 9:00 to 10:00 AM, rain or shine, shelter "1".

Wicker Memorial Park
8554 Indianapolis Blvd.
Highland, IN  46322

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