Saturday, July 21, 2012

Loyal Plastic Robots - Where?

The robots, where?  Actually, this was their first gig at Back Court Bar & Grill in Crown Point.  The Robots home base is Track Lounge in Crown Point, where you can see them the 1st Friday of every month, and sometimes in between.  So this was new to me photography wise.

I do take a lot of photos of these guys.  They are like family.  There are moments you want to capture, each meaning something in your life, and to theirs.  My intent is to show you what I see in these guys, while at the same time trying to take a good photo.  As I improve, so will the photos, and the story behind.

What I like about The Robots is that they have character, and sometimes are characters but that is besides the point.  When you watch them, you can "hear" their music in their body language, without hearing an actual note from their instruments.  They know how to "feel" the music, wrap themselves around it, and crank it out to us.  That is what makes this band special, and why you need to experience them at least once in your life . . . if not more.  Sort of a natural high.

So, go for the ride . . .

More cow bell Bob . . . lol . . . these guys just want to be apart of music, in anyway they can.  It is the little things in life that make the big difference.

I swear, this is the Devil himself, disguised as a bass player, doing a Bass Solo this night, and only at night.  Sort of the Cross Roads of Bass.

As strange as this may sound, these next few photos of Bob and Chris remind me of Peter Gaberiel, because of the creativity, inventiveness, the willing to do what it takes to be an artist first (band first).  (A bit funny, in that I have been trying to get in contact with someone to get a photographers pass to the Peter Gaberiel concert this September at the United Center.)  Though one may take what they do for granted, these next few photos bring out the special cooperative between these two and the band.

Dual drummers . . .

My friends Sandra and Jen . . .

And now for a bunch of videos, some short, some long.  I left then to the end (except for Devil Danny) so that you would enjoy the photo set of the guys.  Now, kick back and enjoy . . .

The Robots know how to put on a show.  Both as individual friends, and as a team out to ignite Their soul in each of us.  Strange.  As I have written before, they make you feel like family, taking you in, letting you see their passion of Their music.

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Danny said...

Thanks again, Wes! Great shots, and it was great to have you there in support as a friend. Always appreciated!

Wesley Bushby said...

Welcome Danny. Thanks for reading my blog!