Friday, July 20, 2012

Lou Shields on Reggies Roof Top

This was different, going to the rooftop of Reggies to listen to Lou play.  Sunny, cool breeze, and my friend Jen, all here for Lou.  Here are some photos . . .

Photographed into the sun, hence the exposure you see. I did not have the hood for my lens with me . . .

For more Lou Shields, check out these links:

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Lou Shields Art - Facebook

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Kip said...

Well, how about that! An amazing restaurant plus an incredible musician -- all on a picturesque rooftop! I wouldn’t bother to ask why people love hanging out there. Rooftops are one of the most relaxing spots to stay in, and the Reggies Rooftop and Lou Shields seems to willingly offer a relaxing atmosphere to their customers and audience. It’s very delightful to see people live out their passion, make a living, and enjoy their free time on the roof.

Kip Whitehead

Unknown said...

I agree with Kip. I mean, fun and relaxation are the two main things people look for, whenever they go and hang out on the roof. This place, I believe, is soothing enough, and apparently, offers both entertainment and relaxation to their customers, so what more could they ask for, right?

Leif Clancy

Eugene Head said...

Nice! I’ve been to a lot of food festivals that took place on a rooftop, but I haven’t tried going to a music event like this. It looks cool! You will definitely enjoy it because you are also provided with food and drinks. :D