Friday, July 13, 2012

Lou Shields - At The Abbey

I like the lineup I keep seeing with David Prusina, Lou Shields, and Cellar Troubadour.

It seems to serve a purpose.  David sets the bar high with some excellent song writing, vocal, and entertainment.  Then Lou steps in the give us some grass roots blues that is so old school that you think it is new.  And finally Troubadour steps up to close us out with some great strings and vocals.

So here are some photos, with David Prusina and Austin Thomas, starting with David.

These three bands are actually one because of friendship.  You will see them work with each other, or give the mic to each other like in this next photo of Monti stepping in for some vocal.

I had never been to The Abbey before.  Here is a photo from inside . . .

Lou Shields

There is a direct correlation to lighting and the number of good photos I get of Lou.  His style of blues is very rhythmic (subtitle - he moves a lot).  So to try and capture him without a superman blur is very challenging, and can result in just a few good photos . . .

And master guitar maker (that is how I will classify him) Mike Callahan out with Lou.  I needed to get a photo of the two of them together.

I photograph what may seem to be nonsense to you, like this next photo.  To me, it told the story of the evening, spotlighting the talent that I had the privilege to be invited to see.

Now Cellar Troubadour to kick it for us, draining what energy we had left (or at least I had left), so we (I) could sleep good at night.  That is a good thing . . . not bad . . .

Johnathan Monti - Lead Vocals / Bango / Acoustical Guitar

Clayton Janssen - Upright Bass / Bass Vocals

David Rose - Fiddle / Mandolin / Banjo / Cello / Vocals

Austin Thomas - Acoustical Guitar / Electric Guitar / Vocals

I just cannot get enough of David, however anything in excess does not make it better. He fits in so well with how you "see" the band. His emotion shows through in everything he plays and sings. For me, when I feel that energy, that commitment from an artist, my art of photography begins. I hope I have given him some of that energy back with these next couple photos.

I have dreamed about what I would do when I win the lottery.  One thing that seems to be at the top of my list is to put on an outdoor concert with all the bands and I have come to enjoy.  These three are in my lineup, in the same order, with perhaps a little extra Lou thrown in now and then.

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