Friday, November 16, 2012

Centerline: State of Mind . . .

This evening the Zhou B Art Center opened "Centerline", curated by Robin Monique Rios of 4Art, in honor of the Chinese year of the Black Water Dragon.

The year of the Black Water Dragon is to bring big and exciting things.  It is the way to your success.  Not knowing this was the Chinese year of the Black Water Dragon, I can only reflect on my year so far that began December 25th, 2012.  That was the day I chose to do photography, look at photography in a different way, and to deep dive into it.  No longer did I want to "just take pictures".  I wanted to explore what photography was.  I wanted to explore what is inside me.  I wanted to explore telling you what is inside me through my photographic voice.

I have to say I have not had a "down" day at all this year. I pick up the camera with thought, energy, a willingness to pursue the road less traveled. I have met a lot of terrific people.  People I would not have met at all perhaps, if I had not picked up the camera. This year was a first for many things. Photographing people at Paul Henry's Art Gallery. Photographing bands. Photographing plays and musicals. Going to Canon Live Learning work shops to learn more practical application of photography. Photographing models. Photographing fine art. Photographing nature. And most of all, writing about it.

So, this unknowing connection between the year of the Black Water Dragon and myself seems to fit.  Especially if you look at my house.

Robin's curation, to honor this Chinese new year, chose "Centerline" to challenge the artist to "examine the dynamics of their own state of mind throughout the year."  I had not talked to the artists about this when I photographed.  What I can describe is my photography at this event, and my state of mind and the dynamics I have found through my photography.  So, I thank Robin, and dedicate this blog entry to her.

Here are some photos . . .

The above photo includes work from Corinna, Diana, and Brabant, who I have met this year.  I enjoy all their work, and felt it very appropriate to have all three next to each other (they are the middle three).

I enjoy photographing with existing light, working with shadows, creating a story through contrast.  This next photo I thought was interesting, in that this could be anybody, a curious thought, a stand free quietness of observation.

These next few photos show the work of artist Yva Neal.  I first became aware of her work when I went to photograph the "Chicago Twelve" at the Garfield Park Conservatory. Yva has a brilliant mind, being able to see and create what perhaps we could never imagine for ourselves.

This next photo is of my friends Diana and Brabant.

And, having some fun with Diana . . .

The most fun is meeting new people.  Diana introduced me to Marcelo Milhassi, whom I found very creative in his art, as in this light.

I also met again Mary Angelini.  This time I was able to see her photographs printed on aluminum.  I first met Mary at the Bustes En Rose where she had a piece on exhibit.  I really enjoyed her photograph on the first floor, however I failed to capture a good photo of it.  This next photo of her work I really really enjoyed.  The photo does not do it justice, though me now owning it does!!!!!!

The art in the side hallways and the stair wells were very cool this evening . . .

The arts are an important need in our life. We need to cherish them, because they are about people, their voice, their expression of who they are and how they choose to see. Valuing this diversity, embracing every moment of its existence, seems to be very important to me at this time in my life. This is why I choose to blog, to photograph, to show and tell you how I feel. As I have written several times, we are all unique. This uniqueness needs to be seen and respected. For when we choose to do that, life becomes fulfilling.

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