Thursday, November 22, 2012

Chicago Tardis 2012

Woo woo . . .

Each year I leave the Doctor Who Con still wanting more, patiently waiting for next year. It is a fun time with fellow Whovians, and the guests. This year I plan to take a lot of photographs, practicing what I like to do, trying to improve what I like to do . . . photography.

Do realize I am still new to photography, as far as professionally goes.  I enjoy playing around without without using a flash. 

This year has been a first for many things, all related to my photography. So this Thanksgiving weekend here in the USA, I give thanks to all of my new found friends who have come into my life because of my photography. Lets hope I will multiply with more friends over this weekend at Chicago Tardis 2012.

If you are in any of these photos, and you want the photo removed, please let me know. This blog is to share the joy of Doctor Who. Not to make anyone uncomfortable.  If you like a photo and want to print it to have one of the guests autograph, feel free to do so.  I like to share!!!!  The rest of my copyright (link found at the bottom of this page) will still apply.

Day 1 (Thursday the 22nd)

Okay, perhaps this is not the official Day 1, however it is Day 1 for me.

Lisa Greenwood, "Flip" on the Big Finish audios, captured me for the evening. She is so down to earth, joyful to be around, and she made us feel part of the Big Finish family, as do all of the Big Finish guests. Thank you Lisa!!!!!

I took a lot of photos, and put enough up here to allow you, the Doctor Who fan, to enjoy this weekends event at Chicago Tardis 2012.

As I looked at these photos an idea came to mind. Should anyone at Chicago Tardis 2012 see this blog while at the Con, lets do a hands and face theme. The guests started it, it looked cool, so do the same and "strike a pose" for me.

Day 2 (Friday the 23rd)

Today, I have to give to Big Finish.  When they are in the house, anything can happen.  Here are the photos from today . . .

Yes, and I have the photo they are all laughing about . . . :)

Day 3 (Saturday the 24th)

This morning started off great!!!  Photos taken with Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred, and I took a lot of photos of my fellow Whovians in dress.  Here is some of this mornings photos . . .

My fault on the above photo, for not taking a second photo. I did not mean to post with your eyes closed . . . (note to self, take more than one photo)

Victorian Lay Doctors

The masquerade is the iconic event of the Con. This year was no exception, and with the help of Tony Lee, the evening was very entertaining. As always, the fans who participated in costume, whether on or off stage, did an excellent job. Here are some photos of those who participated in the masquerade. Please note, we were asked to not use a flash, so I did not. Because of this, many of the photos did not turn out. So, if you participated in the masquerade, and do not see your photo, I apologize.

And some Chicago Tardis Cyberkaraoke . . . them Daleks can shake rattle and roll . . .

Now, some Dalek Cyberkaraoke, Ex-Ter-Minate to the tune of YMCA . . .

More To Come

If you have not read my blog, I am new to photography. Not that I have not taken photos. It is just I have not taken photos with a passion, as I had decided to do after Chicago Tardis 2011. So I have been deep diving, learning as I go. One area I have not explored much is flash photography. Almost all of my photos on my blog are without flash. This blog entry, of Chicago Tardis 2012, I have used the flash a lot, learning my boundaries, and having fun with it. I hope you enjoyed it.

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Ronn Smith said...

It was a very enjoyable weekend! Great to be able to relive it with your pics. See you all next year for the big 50th anniversary!- Ronn Smith (aka- the season 18 4th Doc)

Wesley Bushby said...

Yes, see you then Ronn.

Should anyone in the Chicago area be getting together over the upcoming holiday doing some Doctor Who related stuff, or next year,let me know!!!! I'd love to take some photos.

Wesley Bushby said...

Just noticed, this blog is jumping up the list on my top 10 (right hand column of blog) pretty fast. Thanks to those who are looking. Let me know how you like it. I do know I need to replace some photos that did not upload correctly.

Anonymous said...

I love your photos! I was at the con and unfortunately could not get many good photos at the Main Programming events because people's heads were in my way nearly all the time. So to see such good photos of those panels is a treat. I also love the photos you took at the reception and various other times. Plus the video of the Dalek and the people at the party. Thank you!

Wesley Bushby said...

@Anonymous, thank you. I probably was one of the heads in the way :) If anyone would like a copy of any of the photos, without my tag, for personal use, E-mail me at and I will send it to you. Right click on the photo, to go properties, and give me the photo number. (Or a good description of the photo so I know which one.)

Mary Jo Chrabasz said...

Love your photos! You got some awesome shots this weekend :)

BTW I and my friend run the semi-annual (Oct & April) Whoniverse photoshoot if you're ever looking for more of a chance to practice your photography. :D Just search for Order of the Blue Box on Facebook.

Wesley Bushby said...

Mary Jo, thank you. I found the page and "liked" it. Keep me posted. I would enjoy getting involved.

Wesley Bushby said...

Thank you, Sarantos. The next annual event is around the corner. I have experience a lot in the past year, so I am hoping to improve upon this.