Friday, November 30, 2012

Lou at Reggies

Another great night out with Lou Shields at Reggies Music Joint.  I hung around after happy hour to check out the other bands, and by gosh, I am glad I did.  They were all great, and to hear the headline The Hangdog Hearts play, made the night the night the most enjoyable.

For me, it was the Delta Blues Grass sound mixed with a little folk music.  A good combination.  Let me start you with the headline and work down, then the photos from the bottom up.

The Hangdog Hearts

Friday Night Vendetta

The Fishermen

Kevin Daniels

Lou Shields
(happy hour, and a happy one at that)

Here are the photos starting with my pal Lou . . .

Now for some Kevin Daniels.  These two guys were cool, bouncing off each others rhythm, trial by fire at times, with the outcome firing us up.  A cool sound, lyrics, just cool people.

The Fisherman. These guys were cool. I have not heard music like this in person before. Great banjo and washboard, and a great team of musicians!!!!

Now, Friday Night Vendetta, who had stories to be told, and a different rhythm that I enjoyed . . .

Now for some Hangdog . . . one cool cat, one super cool act, and he knows how to play the banjo . . .

This gentlemen stole the show for the evening.  No wonder why he was top billing.  Great energy, great banjo, great music.  If you ever get a chance to go see him, do it!!!

The Fishermen
Kevin Daniels

2105 South State Street
Chicago, IL  60616


Mary said...

great to see the photos - thanks, Wesley

Wesley Bushby said...

Thanks Mary. It was a blast. Hindsight, wish everyone could have been there.