Friday, November 2, 2012

Loyal Plastic Robots - Kicking It . . .

Yes, this is the photograph I wanted to put first.  I like the shadow and light, making you wonder, who is this, in this tight groove? It is our own, Danny Mac !!!!

I have been out to photograph The Robots, however, I have failed to post.  I am finding a lot of photography to do.  Clicking the shutter is the main part of the experience, and I am getting a lot of experience.  Getting it to print, well, let us just say, I may need a manager.

As always, The Robots brought in a good crowd, and the band JAM'd all night.  I missed the first hour because of an exhibit opening for one of my photos.  Sounded like this first hour was the hour to be there, however, they sure left me something for when I got there.

Here are some photos for you to enjoy.

I love these guys.  Down home, hard working, talented, group of musicians who just like JAM'n.  When they take it to their limit, they are unbeatable.  Please check these guys out when you get a chance.  You can find more on the Loyal Plastic Robots, or just "The Robots", by clicking on this link.

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