Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pleased to be Pleased by the Please, Please Me Band

This band chose to put Chicago on their tour again, and I am glad they did.  I first heard them at the Elbo Room several months ago (with Pork 'N Beans), and again this evening.  Jessie kicked it for us this time, which made this evening a joy to be there.

Let me introduce you to them . . .

the Please, Please Me


Jessie - Vocals / Guitar / Harmonica / Drum

Alissa - Cello / Vocal

Agustin - Drums / Vocal / Sound

These ladies, this guy, are great.  There music is smooth, meaningful, fun to listen to, and the band is fun to watch perform.  I commented on facebook that we need to get this band out of Chicago, and into NW Indiana.  So if you know of a venue that fits this band (like maybe Paul Henry's Art Gallery), let me know.

I do like them.  They have charisma, charm, talent.  Each are individuals who voice their art for themselves, and as a group they do it well as one.  Please checkout their website and listen to their music.  Like I say, we need to support the arts to keep us alive!!!

the Please, Please Me

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