Saturday, November 17, 2012

Joshua McCormack and Mark Mybeck

This was a first time venture for these two artists to play their combined music for us. It was raw, individual, in sync, something you could bite your teeth on. It was great!

Both Joshua and Mark have a strong voice and a strong individual guitar play. You could feel their talent coming together into something wonderful. So wonderful that you knew for sure you wanted more . . . even from their first time out. I am not sure what formula they planned. I Am sure they need to extract more and throw it at us.

Now, typically when I have a bad photo shoot I scrap my photos and move on. I had a bad photo shoot this evening. I tried a lot of stuff to get something to work.  I do not use flash. That seems to be my talent. This was a very difficult situation to photograph because of lighting. However, I feel so strongly about the performance from Joshua and Mark that I need to share the so so and bad photos with you. So here you go . . .

I probably have to explain why I even put the above photo in. I like contrast, shadows, "things that make you go hmmmm". You may like it. You may not. I am not here to judge your preference. I am here to understand it and to present you mine. The above is a silhouette of Joshua.

Not being happy with what I was getting, with respect to color, clarity, and just plain lighting, I said what the heck and changed over to black and white to work with some contrast.

The black and white was turning out as I had hoped. It reminded me ironically of some vintage photos that could have been taken from the '60's, like with The Beatles. It was pretty cool, however I was still not satisfied. So I exploited the technology of my camera a little more and came up with this next set of photos . . .

That last set of photos sort of leaves someone looking at them with an expectation.  An expectation the photos were intended to look as they do.  Fuzzy, out of focus, raw.  Sort of like this first outing.

You may or may not like what I did, experimenting with the photos in other than color. For me, I was not going to give up. I knew I could make something work. I just had to figure out what I wanted. Let me know if this worked for you or not. Just call me Curious George.

After you look at all the photos you may have said to yourself, "that was not so bad, perhaps uniquely different". They are cool, at least to me, even though the photo shoot did not turn out as I had planned. I adjusted and made something work, that hopefully you enjoyed. Let me know what you think!!!

I will leave you with one film clip of Mark and Joshua playing "Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough". This was one of those raw moments, that your jaw just dropped from the amazement of the talent. Yes, they will perfect it. One has to wonder, do you want it perfected? Me, I really liked this the way it was.

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Mary said...

love your work and your sharing your thoughts as you create your photo journaling - interesting

Wesley Bushby said...

Thank you Mary.