Friday, December 20, 2013

Zhou B Art Center is still a delight . . .

I do not make every 3rd Friday of the month event at the Zhou B Art Center, however when I do, I enjoy myself. I go around meeting the artists that have become my friends; Robin Rios and Corinna Button on the 4th floor, Brigitte Wolf and Diana Leviton Gondek on the 3rd floor. I will stop by Jenny Learner's studio on the 3rd floor, peak in Carl Virgo's studio on the 3rd floor, and Christine Simpson-Forni's studio, Keiko Nemeth's studio and Amy Donaldson's studio on the 4th floor.

I also enjoy going to my dear friend Yva Neal's studio on the 4th floor. She is so in touch with her work. I enjoy talking to her about it, connecting myself. She has a brilliant mind, as you see in her creations. I may have to join her on one of her outings one day, to photograph her at work.

The Zhou B Art Center is a never ending experience. A never ending journey. Each time brings a renewed meaning of life to me. Each month the artists have something different to show. All is for sale. So should you be looking for Art, the Zhou B Art Center is a place to go. A say a place to go, because I support all the arts and venues. This region, from Chicago through NW Indiana, is spilling over with talent. We just need to know where it is, and this is my reason for blogging.

Here are some photos of the evening. Please sit back with you cup of coffee, your cup of tea, relax, and enjoy. (Oh, and yes, I did spend a lot of time in Robin Rios's 4ART studio, as you can tell by the number of photos.)

1029 W. 35th Street
Chicago, IL  60609

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