Wednesday, December 18, 2013

M.I.N.T. on a Wednesday Night - Not just any Wednesday night . . .

Happy Holidays to My Improv Friends!!!

Photo Taken at Stuio BE

Music Improv Night (M.I.N.T.)
2013 Christmas Cotillion Party

Improv. Who would have figured? I am hooked on it. Most people who watch improv really do not realize it is totally made up, on the fly, adhoc, by the seat of your pants. It takes commitment to the profession, to the other improvs you are with, to pull it off for a Win.

Wednesday nights I have chosen to go to a few M.I.N.T. shows at Studio BE. This evening was about improvs just enjoying their fellow improvs / friends at a Holiday celebration. Part of the celebration was for them to sign up to sing Holiday carols, whether known or totally made up as an improv would do. We had a mix, a good, mix. We (I say We because I feel part of the family even though I am not an improv) had groups of 2, of 3, same sex, mixed sex, and a host and MC that put the icing on the cake for me.

I am totally amazed at the comradery. They all pull for each other for a win. Yes, they have individual team improvs they do through the season. Us visitors may look at it as contest of some sort. I see it as a continual journey of self improvement, whether individual, group, or cross group. Comradery at its best.  Everyone Wins!

Here are some photos of the evening for you to enjoy. Please take some time next year to go see an improv at Studio BE. Watch with the understanding this is not rehearsed. Watch with the understanding "could I do this". Watch with the understanding these improvs really enjoy what they do. Watch'm take you on a journey.

This evening was another experimentation with the red studio lighting and flash. I think flash won, though sometimes the red lights can be cool.

Alex Garday queuing up some Gnarls Barkley, who wrote the song about me, "Crazy". (Okay okay okay, I'm making stuff up . . . well . . .)

The red lights came down and were replace by blue. A different effect for sure.

Christmas Carol time, whether traditional or "make your own" . . . hey, it's Improv!!!!

The Yule Log . . . you had to be there . . .

Now the coaches do their thing . . .

And that's how it's done folks!!!!!!!!!

I cannot humbly express enough how much fun Improv is. Before this year I had never paid attention. It is so goofy, so connecting, so inspiring, so made up on the spot, that you have to be in awe of the actors. They are committed, talented, uplifting, you just want to be part of their family.

This has been a joyous year for me. Improv has been a big part of that.  I would like you to go see an improv.  Studio BE is just one place in the Chicago area you can go.  

Thank You!

Studio BE
3110 N. Sheffield Ave.
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 248-5900


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