Friday, December 13, 2013

Who Prov - 12/13/2013

Doctor Whooo, hey, the Tardis . . . (Dcotroin' The Tardis)

Okay, had another fun evening at Donny's Skybox watching Who Prov. This time, a Lady Doctor Who? . . . too cool, like bow ties and fezzes. Each week there is a new Doctor, a new adventure. This week Brit was chosen as The Doctor!

I pay my $13, and travel from NW Indiana whenever I can to go see Who Prov. I keep going because of the cast. Not just because it is Doctor Who. I enjoy supporting the Arts. Who Prov being one of them. There are two more weeks of Who Prov left (if I have counted right). Pick a Friday, take the family, dress up in your favorite Doctor Who cosplay, and don't forget to yell "Doctor!" during the opening!!!!! (You will know when, if you are not too mesmerized.)

Here are some photos of this Friday's Who Prov . . .

After the cast exhausts themselves from running around in the opening (hmm, that doesn't happen [running] in Doctor Who?) . . . out comes The Doctor from the Tardis.

After the Doctor regenerates, he/she takes on their new persona. These next two photos were too cute to pass up . . . The Doctor, #?.  (Luv ya Brit *smiley face*)

Doctor, I think you're a girl . . .

When you do go see Who Prov, dress up for cosplay, and take your picture with the Who Prov Tardis!!!!!

I would like to get Who Prov to perform in NW Indiana.  Do I hear an H E Double Toothpick Yes!!!!!

Here are links to the prior Who Provs that I have been to . . .

I would also like you to check out my blogs on Chicago TARDIS, their website, and other things Doctor Who . . . especially Chicago Tardis 2013 where Who Prov performed.

For more information on Who Prov . . .

Who Prov

Friday's at 7:30

Now until January 3, 2014

Donny's Skybox
1608 N Wells St.
Chicago, IL  60610
(312) 337-3992

$13 for tickets

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Anonymous said...

Way to go, Brit! She did an amazing job as The Doctor. Great photos :)