Thursday, December 5, 2013

Paul Henry's Art Gallery 170th JAM

Oh what a night. As Paul Henry's Art Gallery reported, probably the best ever. I would like to thank my friend from The Robots, Bob Sherman, for coming out and sharing.

There are many reasons to go to Paul Henry's Art Gallery. The Thursday night JAM is probably the well known reason, however, tis the season to shop! Parking is just a few feet from the door. No checkout lines. Something for everyone on your Holiday shopping list. Shop Local!!!!

Here are some photos from the evening . . .

Paul Benninghoff - Artist

William Kazak - Photographer

John Sarantos - Musician

Sophia Rapata - Artist, Musician

Natalina and Chiara - Musicians

Melissa Latronica-Welch - Musician

Raffle time . . .

Our Native American Indians Wannabe tribe . . .

Michelle Milan - Musician

These two ladies are always fun to just hang out with. Gotta luv'm . . .

Mark Biegel - Musician

Carol Estes - Photographer, Poet

 Mr. Milan - Musician

Tony Cortina - Musician

Bob Sherman - Musician, Song Writer, Friend, now Poet

Angela Leimer - Photographer

Rene Garcia - Musician

Photographers just cannot leave each other alone . . .

Paul Henry's Art Gallery
416 Sibley Blvd.
Hammond, IN
Tue - Sat 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM
Sunday Noon till 5:00 PM
Thursday Night Jam Starts 7:00 PM

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