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The Office Session - 12/7/2013

Roots Music, what is it? We have our definition, or more specific what it means to us. Others can be different. Roots Music . . . what is it?

For me it was going back to when we created music for ourselves; Cigar box guitars, ceramic jugs, pans, and washboards. However, this evenings The Office Session made me question that. So I had to do some research.

The first thing I found that actually made sense to me came out of Wikipedia (a Wikipedia entry that popped up at the top of search, with minimal information except in the “talk” section.) Willem made a comment that roots can be “pop-music that stays close to its roots: folk, blues etc. (January 2013). This seems to be very close to what I experienced tonight.

The company I work for has been around since 1886. They were pioneers in their industry, creating with craftsmanship. Is Roots Music pioneering? Are we not pioneering today? Can today’s music be considered Roots Music to any extent? Is there a line in the sand that defines? Should there be a line?

Shades of Grey

In the end it is what we believe. It is the passion we instill. It is our seeking of others who share our same passion that help us maintain our identity, or at least those we share with do not ask us to change. Yet we, as individuals, will allow others to stretch our beliefs.

I would like to challenge us to define Roots Music for ourselves. I would like all to share their belief. I do not want a debate, for this could lead to ill will. State what it means to you. Let others take it in, agree with it, use it to modify their definition, or, just respectfully let it be. I for one just want to know more. Perhaps Jody can use our thoughts to create more synergy.

There is a method to my madness. David Mueller of Paul Henry’s Art Gallery in Hammond (you guys really need to check this place out) has mentioned critical mass. There is a point where synergy takes over, and the word spreads like wild fire. Something tells me that in 2014, Roots Music can reach critical mass here in Chicago. We can make this a very visible Art in this melting pot of a region. Our individual voice, like commenting on what Roots Music is to us as an individual, can bring the World to us. Am I Mad (as in crazy)? Well, yes thank you. I have always had an insight. A gut feel. I never had the power as an individual to create critical mass change. I realized through work it takes everyone, a synergy in thought and action, to bring to realization and to sustain.

Jody Robbins is "the man" who felt the need to create change, to bring to the forefront with a plan, to promote Roots Music.  He has surrounded himself with a lot of great people . . . musicians and we the people, who enjoy it.  Tonight's lineup at The Office Session included:

Joey Henry's Dirty Sunshine Club

Adam Lee

Last False Hope

Scotch Hollow

Jahsh Iep and Punk-Bluegrass Misfits

Jailhouse Poets

Lou Shields

Seems like there are many more I need to acknowledge.  I actually spent most of my time enjoying the evening rather than satisfying my thirst to photograph.  Though, I still managed to get in a few.  Please note I have not edited the photos, except for adding my tag.  All are shot "in camera".

Gotta say, I love Carley and Mark.  Can't get enough of'm . . .

And, when Carley smiles, I smile, and so does everyone else . . . thanks Carley!!!!

Ha, I'm so good I can photograph myself!!!!!  (not really, thanks Patty)

And you guys thought I wasn't watching . . . Super Fly (my roller derby name) on the wall camera man catches the action . . .

The Office Session will be in a new location next year. This was the end, for this location . . . or is it? I would like this to spread to the NW Indiana region. Where I live in NW Indiana it is only 13 miles via roads to the Chicago City Limits. Perhaps do a once a year thing here to help synergize Roots Music here, creating a feedback look into Chicago.  Perhaps an "extension" of The Office Session.

Thank you Jody for a wonderful year. Sorry it took me so long to get to The Office Session. 2014 shall be different.

The Office Session

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