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Dead Broads Yapping - at The Public House Theatre

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I went to this improv without any knowledge on what it was about, nor did I have any expectations other than "it's improv so it will be fun". I do know some of the cast.  I was wanting to go photograph them before they asked me if I would (photograph them). Makes one feel more humble.

This is nothing less than BRILLIANT!  These three ladies (Caroline Nash, Marie Maloney, and Courtney Crary) have written a baseline sketch to support a topic of today . . . talk shows hosted by women. The three main characters, or Dead Broads, are from our past and host an "afterlife" show, "Dead Broads Yapping".  The "Yapping" part you see right away, in all it's wonderful taste (remember this is improv) and laughter. A whole lot more entertaining than daytime shows if you ask me.

This show is brilliantly created and acted, using Joan of Arc, Jackie Kennedy, and my favorite because I am connected to aviation, Amelia Earheart, as guest hosts. What was most interesting was the use of special guests as part of their improv. These guests are not part of the ensemble, per se. They are other improvs who come in and play characters in afterlife that are hilarious. Even Amelia had a hard time tonight keeping it together!

There is a different subject each night with different guest improvs.  Tonight it was Sex, being a Valentine week.  This show runs through the month of February only.  So you have two more Thursdays to go see them (the 20th and 27th), with different themes and different guests!!!  My gut tells me, if we can get the word out, this show will be extended. So I am getting the word out.

"Dead Broads Yapping"

The cast:

Amelia Earhart played by Caroline Nash

Jackie Kennedy played by Marie Maloney

Joan of Arc played by Courtney Crary

Teddy Roosevelt - Producer played by Keenan Camp

Enjoy the photos!!!

Now for their first guests, FDR and Eleanor (played by Rob Speer and Jenna Steege.) This was hilarious (yes I am using that word twice) to see Eleanor carry FDR onto the stage, then drop him as they try to sit down.

Audience game time . . . with a prize!!!! Just don't expect to win a car (at least one you can drive away in).  

Now, the Dead Broads Yapping bring in Rasputin as their next guest. (Rasputin played by Alex Manich.) This segment was hysterical . . . well improv'd . . .

Teddy Roosevelt, the shows "afterlife" producer is asked to come up. Teddy shows us how to put on a condom. Of course, he practices safe everything (which included his hands which he needed help with).

The "burned" or "blessed" game! Okay, I never heard of it. Perhaps created for this improv. I liked it because it grabbed your attention. You wondered which box Joan of Arc would put it in at times. When you thought "burn", there was a reason why "Joan" would want to keep it. Made sense at the time.

Time for another game . . . and prize! Who's our lucky contestant?

Can you guess the person / group? (Kiss) This was really funny, especially with the tongue expressions.  Loved it . . .

The cross section of these Dead Broad characters made a unique interaction. One might not think they would mix, however, they do. Remember too, this is improv. Liberties can be taken. They are not giving us a history lesson, but rather a "what if" these ladies got together for an afterlife show. Sort of like how ladies of popular accord have gotten together today on talk shows. The difference, these ladies will speak their mind, and they do not argue about it. (They yap and make us laugh instead.)

I do want you to go see this show. The baseline sketch supporting this improv is awesome. There is so much to tap into. They need an extension to this run to show us more!!!

Directed by Stacey Smith

Written by Courtney Crary, Marie Maloney, and
Caroline Nash

Website Photos by Heather Scholl Photography

The Public House Theatre
3914 N. Clark Street
Chicago, IL  60613

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