Friday, February 7, 2014

It's a Hoosier Hoedown! - at Reggies Music Joint

I've been to Reggies a few times now. This evening was probably the most fun I have had their, sitting and listening to music from Indiana!!!!!

The lineup starting with the opening . . .

Mark Mybeck and John Carpenter from Nomad Planets

Jenna and Tony Epkey

Robert Rolfe Fenddersen, Ingrid, Terri, and Nick

Billy Ozzello and Chris Grove

The first set of photos are of Mark and John. I first met them at Beatles Fest 2012 in Hammond. They are great guys to have as friends. The very first photo gives you an idea of what the inside of Reggies will photograph as with a digital camera. The actual lighting that you see is not as harsh as this. Red and digital just do not get along. I have learned this photographing other venues that use red lights, and have learned the most from Reggies. To countermeasure, I go to sepia tone, as you will see . . .

Oh, and of course, if you know me, these photos have not been touched. They are as shot. Yes, I could balance them for light, crop them for composition. This is not how the evening went. It was raw, in your face, Indiana musicians at their finest.

The "hat". You will see this passed around to the musicians as they play. This is not a Reggies thing, just something that came up this evening.

Because I saw a glimmer of white light, I thought I would photograph this next couple photos in sepia tone and normal. Okay, that was a head check, back to sepia tone.

Jenna and Tony Epkey

I like Jenna. She digs deep to sing. I think if she would have played the entire night and I would have been okay with that. I would have enjoyed taking more "up close" photos, however, not having met her I chose (as always) to stay back until they get to know me.

Robert Rolfe Fenddersen, Ingrid, Terri, and Nick

I want to say I have seen RRF around. Cannot say where for sure. I do know I have ever heard RFF perform before, and now I feel I have led a sheltered life. Robert is very good at what he does. His stage presence pulls you in. The music is rich with folk. They are from NW Indiana!!!!

Billy Ozzello and Chris Grove

This was very surreal tonight, sitting and listening to Billy O. I have seen him play with Jerry Clemens and a few other of my musician friends. I have never been introduced to him. Tonight I met him outside while paying the parking meter. I said hello, shook his hand, and went inside. As he began his set, the realism of all this was soaking in. Watching Billy and Chris play some Billy O originals was a mind blowing experience.

Me, however, I will always be laid back. I will always give actors and musicians their space. They get bombarded a lot with fandom to the point it gets old (at least in my eyes). As a photography however, yes, I do want to get into their space to photograph. So it can become difficult at times finding that line where you still respect their space, yet get in it to fulfill your passion - photography.

Again, I think Reggies booked one of the most enjoyable evenings I have had there. Have to say I also enjoyed the pulled pork sandwich. That has become my meal of choice when I go. Everything is good, so don't cheat yourself and just choose my recommendation.

Thank you to all the musicians, for you have enriched my life, my passion for photography, my need to contribute to this play of life. Hope to see you again soon . . .

Nomad Planets

Jenna Epkey

Robert Rolfe Fenddersen (RRF)

Billy Ozzello and Chris Grove

2105 South State Street
Chicago, IL  60616

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