Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Zhou B Art Center to Reggies Music Joint

This was a busy night tonight. First stop the Zhou B Art Center to look at art and visit my artist friends who have studios there. Then to Reggies Music Joint to support the bands playing roots music, and to mingle with the friends I have made in roots music (including the bands).

Zhou B - I found they remodeled their lounge area. Much brighter, more inviting. I was able to talk with one of the Zhou Brothers. That was cool. On the 1st floor the Brothers have their art on exhibit. Very interesting, and beautiful. This time "no photographing" their art. Though, I arrive early and security was not there, and I did not know any better. I did take a photo looking into their exhibit. I do understand wanting to protect one's trade mark, or branding if you will. This helps to solidify the value they place on their work, both price and publicity. A value I agree with. This also explains why they looked at me a lot a few months back when they had their work on exhibit. I was doing a lot of photographing of their work. They did not say anything. Yet I still took note, limited the number of photos I was taking, and then stopped.

This first set of photos are from tonight at Zhou B. Enjoy

Photo from Outside

Photo of Remodeled Lounge

Zhou Brothers Exhibit 1st Floor

Clarisse Perrette Studio (

Amy Donaldson Studio (

I also stopped by the studios of Robin Rios, Corinna Button, Yva Neal, Brigitte Wolf, and Diana Leviton Gondek. A few others too. I paid more attention to the art than taking photos . . . and that is easy to do here.

Next stop, Reggies Music Joint. I have photographed at Reggies before. So I know how hard it is to get a photo out of the red lighting they use. The following photos were taken to offer the best image possible. Again, as usual, all the photos in this blog are "as shot, in camera" without additional alteration.

First up is Mikey Classic.  I came in when Mikey was playing and caught the end of his show.  I first met Mikey at The Abbey when I went to photograph Lou Shields.  Then recently I was able to photograph him at the Brauer House in Lombard. Here are a few photos of him tonight at Reggies.

Next was Jailhouse Poets. I first met them at The Office Session last year. This was one motivation to come out on a double stop tonight. This time I found Colleen fun to photograph. She was in the right lighting location for me. So you will see an abundance of photos of her.

Ben did not have a lot of red light on him, so I attempted to photograph him in color . . .

Last up The Hangdog Hearts. I first met Austin at Reggies (solo), again when I went to photograph Lou Shields. I later went to a CD release party he had outside Indianapolis. Now, I watched him with a few more musicians. When alone, Austin is a ball of fire on stage. Very vocal, musical, a gentlemen's gentlemen of music. With his other band members, Austin shares the stage with them to allow each to shine. Here are some photos . . .

Austin in background . . .

These next few photos are taken leaving Reggies . . .

This was an enjoyable evening. Art, music, and friends. Something one dreams of. Something I am able to do, and make time to do. It does help me appreciate life.  Thanks to all of you for allowing me to photograph.

For more information . . .

The Zhou Brothers
Zhou B Art Center
1029 W 35th Street
Chicago, IL

Mikey Classic

Jailhouse Poets
Jeff Shepherd - Vocals / Guitar
Mickey T Craft - Bass
Matt Patterson - Lap Steel Guitar / Vocals
Marco Sassman - Banjo / Vocals
Colleen Alvin - Fiddle
Ben Standage - Drums

The Hangdog Hearts
Austin Stirling - Vocals, Rhythm, Percussion
Shawn Hauger - Drums
Heather Craig - Fiddle
Kevin Stuhrenberg - Mandolin / Trumpet

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