Thursday, February 27, 2014

"Dead Broads Yapping" - closing show

Improv. I do not know if it is a "like it" or "leave it" kind of thing. For me, it was really not "being aware". Yes, I was aware of improv and our great improvs of today and the past. However, I had not really been aware until I went to my first live show last year.

My outtake is impovs are cool. Like Doctor Who bow ties and fezzes. For this short period of their lives the improvs lay it on the line. Using all their experience. Creating new experience. They flash it at you as quick as they are coming up with it. They improvise!!!

Did you catch the new talk show? This show gave us the latest news and trends in today's world . . . whether fashion, pop culture, or technology. Amazing how these Dead Broads were able to keep up with today's happenings, and give it a kick in the butt.

"Dead Broads Yapping" gave me a new dimension. It felt sad to see this show close. It felt wonderful to have experienced it, and knowing I will be seeing some, if not all, the cast in some other improv. I think that is what makes it cool for me. Making that connection to the cast. Seeing them in other performances. Seeing them change for the call at that moment. Knowing they are a cut above makes it even more wonderful. It challenges one's self to reflect, improve, to want to be an improv, because improvs are cool.

"Dead Broads Yapping" has a base line script. This formulates into many directions for the improv, and is dependent on the improvs. Many possibilities. These three Dead Broads, and their dead producer, are all people we have heard or read about. To put a face to the name was pretty cool, though be it not real.

I do hope this show comes back for a second time!

Tonight's guest improvs were . . .

Cleopatra - Ali Barthwell

Mary Todd Lincoln - Julie Marchiano

JFK - Mike Schminke

. . . and of course our Dead Broad Cast and Dead Producer . . .

Amelia Earhart - Caroline Nash

Jackie Kennedy - Marie Maloney

Joan of Arc - Courtney Crary

Teddy Roosevelt - Keenan Camp

Here are the photos of this last February 2014 show . . .

Directed by Stacey Smith

Written by Courtney Crary, Marie Maloney, and
Caroline Nash

Website Photos by Heather Scholl Photography

The Public House Theatre
3914 N. Clark Street
Chicago, IL  60613

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