Saturday, April 19, 2014

SSRG vs. Barbed Wire Betties 2014

Charity this Bout:  CHASING DREAMS!

You know, it is not what team you root for. Both teams put forth the energy to game. You will walk away with respect of both teams (typically). I felt proud for both teams this evening. I think they both felt proud too.

There was a big crowd this bout too. I hope as the word of derby spreads, we grow our support for all derby who put themselves on the line for their passion, and in support of a cause. They do this for free. They do this knowing it is a full contact sport that can injure. They do it for team support. They do it to entertain us.

I cannot help but to feel the energy of watching roller derby, as I review and edit these photos. SSRG made it look easy this bout. Anything but. They still have to put forth the energy to win. Here are some photos for you to enjoy . . .

Super Women singing our National Anthem . . . great voice!!!!

Cannot forget about the refs. They are very important in this game . . .

My heroin . . .

Half time Easter Egg hunt for the kids . . . gone in seconds, hours to setup (so it seemed) . . .

Head (helmet) rub time . . . not sure if the fingers were making their way through. I will guess they did.

A great time for all. Great respect for all. Barbed Wire Betties lost, but lost with class. Gotta love this sport.  I also need to thank our South Shore Roller Girls.  They were very professional, I thought, both in skill and making it hard enough for the Barbed Wire Betties to be proud of their effort. BWB earned all their points! 

Roller Derby is cool, like Doctor Who bow ties and fezzes. Take some time to watch these ladies leave it on the floor, and support the charity of the bout. They do this for FREE. We the people take in trade the joy of their derby and deposit to their charities.

You can check out South Shore Roller Girls at:

South Shore Roller Girls

You can also check out Barbed Wire Betties at:

Barbed Wire Betties

Oh, and PLEASE check out Steve Jurkovic's derby photos.  My benchmark . . . for now!!! (I love Steve's work!)

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Southurn Comfurt said...

awesome! your pictures are amazing! we at SSRG thank you for your support and kind words!

Wesley Bushby said...

You are very welcome. Love to watch derby now because of you gals. Still learning how to improve photographing sports. Thank you very much for the opportunity to practice!