Saturday, March 7, 2015


You know, no matter how many times I watch derby, think about it, write about it, I always walk away amazed at the ladies who lay it on the floor each bout day. I also thought, if I had ever the need to go to a department store sale, I am bringing a derby girl with me. They do not take flack. They have each other's back.

This is a proud group of people - each derby team. They take pride in their team. In themselves. This is was derby does for these ladies. Up to and during the bout it is about the team. Afterward, it is about derby. Foes to friends as it were.

Someone wins, and someone does not win. Position counts when you are trying to go as far as you can in derby. Nobody will deny that I think. The end of the day, however, it is about the sport of derby, and they support each other in that.

Enough said about that. SSRG has grown strong, quickly, in the past couple years. I think they have found it is fun to work to a game plan as a practiced/skilled/strengthened team. They sharpen their wits, then execute on the floor. If they take that edge to be ahead, they will switch up to cross train. Respecting the other team. Respecting themselves.

Twin City did well to score points. It was very physical, and I will say they endured. They put the effort in all the way through. Kudos to them for that.

Here are some photos from the bout, starting with some pre-bout warm up and other stuff.

Tony Cortnia waiting to play our National Anthem . . .

I cannot say that I photographed each jersey. I apologize if I missed you!

Some painting going on, on the side lines . . .

Introductions. I did not get every team member, or the photo just did not come out. So again, my apologies for missing some of you.

Now Tony, doing his first ever National Anthem. He did it superbly!

The Bout!


Second Half

The End

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You can find SSRG here . . .

South Shore Roller Girls (SSRG)
Northwest Indiana

Let us not forget the challengers . . .

Twin City Derby Girls
Champaign-Urbana, IL

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