Saturday, March 28, 2015

Brothers and Wine - Southern Alternative Rock

Hey, there is a new band in town - Brothers and Wine! The drummer Billy and I met at last years Beatlesfest in Hammond, IN. We met again last year at the 15th Anniversary Victory for Veterans Memorial Ride. He later contacted me for a personal gig he wanted photographed, however, I was already booked and was able to have my friend Haley do the photography. He enjoyed her work so much he invited her to photograph his new band. She could not make it, so here I am! Too cool.

This was my first time in the venue. That hurts sometimes in that you do not know what to expect for lighting. As most go, it was difficult. However, the energy of the band made it happen for me. Before I show you the photos, here are the band members . . .

Tommy Mayer - Lead Vocals

Scott Barriero - Guitar / Vocals

Mick Zajac - Lead Guitar

Billy Mayer - Drums

Pete Moran - Base

Photos, starting with inside the venue.

Brothers and Wine
Southern Alternative Rock

Silver Buckle Saloon
8355 Indianapolis Blvd.
Highland, IN  46322

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