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Wizard World Comic Con - Raleigh NC

I am a Doctor Who fan. This means I also meet people of other fandoms at conventions, like this years 1st Wizard World Comic Con that was held in Raleigh, NC.

Originally my wife was the only one going to this event. This was because of cost. (We already paid for a VIP ticket for her to see David Tennant.) As the weeks passed, the con getting closer, the realization hit that we would miss each other. So I chose to go with her to help drive, share the experience from a different point of view . . . from the hallways of the con. Click "here" to see her blog and photos.

I must say, for a 1st con, this was one of the best I have been too. The photo below is of the initial early registration line on Friday, early afternoon. It grew fast.

Saturday was cool. Lots of people dressed and role playing in-character. Single people, couples, groups of friends, families, all joined the fun.

Even the local news came to check it out. Raleigh treated this con as gold. We were welcomed in every which way possible.

I really enjoy photographing when I see a father/daughter team getting into the action. This goes for daughter/son, mother/daughter . . . you get it. This con was full of family participation.

If, by chance, you are in any of these photos, or no of someone in the photos, please let me know. I would be happy to put their name in the blog next to the photo, along with their character name. The next one below has a character name that I have on one of my automobile license plates. DALEK!

The next next photo is of my friends Ashley and Jed. I had some extra upgrade tickets for Chicago TARDIS one year, and they took them off my hands. When Christi (my wife) was coming to this con, I had thought to message them to let them know she was coming. Then it became we were coming. Far down the hallway I took a peak to see who I could photograph, and lo and behold there they were.  Jed dressed as David Tennant, already in pose because he saw me first . . .

I like Steam Punk too. It was nice to see the many costumes.

Again, families were everywhere. This has to put a smile on your face.

The Two Doctors. When I saw these next two walking down the hallway, I had to stop them and ask if I could take there photograph. You could feel the love of Doctor Who with them, and of the family. Made my day.

Very nice work on this next hand crafted costume . . .

Love this DALEK girl . . .

This next photo of the young boy in the yellow costume made my day. After I took his photograph, he smiled at me, like it was cosplaying like the grownups. He kept smiling and looking at me to give me photo ops. Then before he could not be seen, he gave me a big wave goodbye.

No con is without Yoda . . .

This next photo of Chiana from Farscape I enjoyed. (Also is the photo at the top of this blog.) The lady cosplaying this was a lot of fun to work with. I kept coming back to get it right. Cosplayers love photographers. Though again, you have to get it right.

Later in the evening we were treated to a concert before the costume contest. I had to stand out in the hallway, however, from even there it sounded great! Perfect music for a comic con. I also took photos of the contestants who were lining up to go inside for the judging.

What was cool too, was how kind the people were at the convention. This next photo I has asked the lady sitting next to me if I could take here photo. She smiled and politely said yes. Wished I had done a better job of it.

Photos of the band members after their performance.

We took of toward home Sunday morning. It was not until the next day I wished we stayed Sunday too. In all, the con was superb for being Raleigh's 1st Wizard World Comic Con.

2015 Wizard World Comic Con
Raleigh Convention Center
500 S. Salisbury St.
Raleigh, NC  27601

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