Saturday, March 28, 2015

Nomad Planets at Jimmy Green's

A very nice evening out with Nomad Planets, at Jimmy Green's, South Loop Chicago, and their "Showcase Saturday". I had never been there before. My understanding, this may have been the first Showcase Saturday.

The food was great, as was the service. I do recommend you give Jimmy Green's a try. This is a cool sports bar in that there are large TV screens all over the walls. Nomatter where you look, you will have a screen to watch. Now, given a band, one would think this would interfere. I suppose to the band it might. I did not feel that way. I still listened to Nomad Planets and enjoyed. Photography wise, yes, I would have liked the screen behind the band turned off. Too much back light for photography, and I felt a little awkward looking up at the screen at times with the band playing in front of me. Felt discourteous to me. (Just my opinion. I still recommend you check them out. I loved the place.)

First the important Photos. Chris with the Leinenkugel Girls, and more important, just the Leinenkugel girls.

Nomad Planets

Mark Mybeck - Lead Vocal / Lead Guitar

Phil Rapchak - Bass / Vocal

John Carpenter - Guitar / Vocal

Chris Ussery - Keyboard / Vocal

Terry Boylan - Drums / Vocal

This next photo, you can see the screens that line the walls. Pretty cool.

Nomad Planets

Jimmy Green's
825 S. State St.
Chicago, IL

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