Friday, March 6, 2015

MCL Chicago on a Friday Night


From trimming your alien wife's toenails, to juggling orgasmic starfish, VAMP has it all when it comes to music improv.

Tonight was Michael Jordan's birthday. That gave VAMP another reason (as if they needed one) to hit it hard. Talk about a lot of energy, wit, humor, stupid crazy (Alex's comment) on your toes improv! This night of VAMP completed my evening.

Some moments are lost in improv, because they are one of a kind. Fortunate for them, they have me to catalog this one . . . I call this, reVAMP!

Looks like Michael is holding Keenan's head and poking him, but I swear he's holding a triangle . . .

Let's just say if one were to pick 3 random letters to explain the next 3 photos, it might be bdsm . . .

All I can say in this next improv, is do not let Keenan have a baby every again . . . to hysterical, and I will let you figure out if I mean the bit or Keenan's response.

And out pops a baby Michael, being his birthday and all . . . (I forgot to sing happy birthday after this) . . .

I do not recall exactly what we had Michael doing for this improv, however, it did involve cartwheeling . . .

Keenan was lucky enough to been given trimming he wife's alien toe nails . . .


And Alex gets an orgasmic starfish . . .


MCL Chicago
3110 N Sheffield Ave
Chicago, IL 60657

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