Saturday, September 19, 2015

10th Annual Bizarre Bazaar

The 10th annual Bizarre Bazaar opened after a lot of rain the day before. The ground was saturated with water, however, they found enough high ground for everyone, so the show continued! As the day went on, the sun and wind began to lower the humidity, drying the ground.

This year Svengoolie was there!!! Berwyyynnnn . . .

What I failed to photograph, because I was busy being a patron and watching everything, was "Circus Boy" Bobby Hunt with his flame sticks, and the bean bag tournament where I saw one person hit the hole dead center every bag (very impressive). There were other things I missed all together, like the pie baking contest and costume contest.

This first photo is some of the left over rain fall from the day before. I just found it interesting, so I photographed it.

What is cool, every year I have been there, there has been a chess tournament.

Children's Games

Face Painting

Balloon Toys

Eddie's Taco Truck (Eddie and his Wife)

My favorite artist, Sophia Rapata!

Car and Motorcycle Show

Pets, Pets, and Pets

What was nice was to see all of the local banks, insurance, and health institutions come and enjoy the day with us. They were very hospitable, there to answer any questions you may have and to help you find service that would fit your need.

House and Car Insurance
(Did you figure it out?)

Children enjoying the park. Historic Harrison Park is a very nice local, and large park.

Svengoolie! A lot of people lined up to meet and get his autograph, and photograph taken with him. A very nice thing to see here in NW Indiana, having a childhood (at least for me) icon come see us.

Stilt Walkers!


Elvis is in the House!

Food Vendors!

Pony Rides!

Friends of mine . . .

Some of the beauty of Harrison Park.

My name is on the back of that shirt somewhere!

Bubba enjoying the children . . .

Bubba again, enjoying his time in the park people watching . . .

See you next year for the 11th Annual!

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