Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Steepwater Band and The Nick Moss Band at FitzGerald's

Kofi Baker

Simplicity is best served without hate, bigotry, prejudice, racism, ethnicity, orientation. Nick Moss gave us a little talking to about that. Not in those exact words. In his own way. Not that I was not there already in heart, because I was. I did, however, feel better through the evening after he said his words. A simplicity fell over the evening that made it very enjoyable.

The Nick Moss Band opened up for The Steepwater Band at FitzGerald's in Berwyn this evening. I had seen them once before. This evening just seemed simply raw entertainment. Kofi Baker was in the house and joined a set with Nick Moss, who also brought up Jeff Massey to play. This was not even icing on the cake, though a super honored to see Kofi play, being witness to that. It added to the simplicity of friendship through music. The thrill this evening was listening to, and watching The Nick Moss Band, then The Steepwater Band. They hit it right on this night!

This was also a Black and White night, photography wise. I should say shades of grey, in that is how the images actually appear to us. Another way to describe the simplicity, enjoyment, excitement, of the evening. I decided this pretty shortly after walking in the door. I do not know why. The evening was just vibing that way. Because I have RAW images too, I will have the option to go to color if I wanted to. For now, just Black and White jpeg will do.

The evening was also in celebration of Joe and Angie's wedding anniversary. I met Joe through my friend Pete. Joe was able to get photographer passes at Chicago House of Blues where I first met my bride Christi for the first time, when we were photographing TSB. Though at that time neither of us knew it was the first time. Christi has known Joe and Angie for a long time. Joe and Angie were at our wedding because of Christi. So it was very fitting Christi and I were here to help celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary, which took place five years ago right on this very same stage at Fitzgerald's. Congratulations to two very important, and most happy people in our life.

Here is a novel of photos from the evening. The music was strong and hard. The energy was left on the stage. I think we were a bit in awe for a while. Nick Moss had to snap us out of it. With that, Rock On!

The Nick Moss Band

Nick Moss - Guitar / Vocals / Harmonica

Michael Ledbetter - Guitar / Vocals

Nick Fane - Base

Taylor Streiff - Organ / Piano

Patrick Seals - Drums

The next photo is a view from the sound board.

The next set of photos were taken with Kofi Baker at the drums, and our Jeff Massey on guitar. Wow, what an experience for all. I have to give thanks to Michael and Patrick of the Nick Moss Band for sitting out this song, to allow Kofi and Jeff to play with the rest of the band.

The Steepwater Band

Jeff Massey - Lead Vocal / Guitar

Joe Winters - Drums

Tod Bowers - Bass

Eric Saylors - Guitars

Nick Moss Band

The Steepwater Band

Kofi Baker

6615 Roosevelt Rd.
Berwyn, IL  60402

Simplicity is real. We only miss it because we make it complicated for ourselves. Once you have all the information, understanding, the trueness, what comes out is the simple and honest meaning. That is what this evening meant to me. Thank you Nick Moss for opening the way. Thank you Kofi Baker for honoring us with some of your talent. Finally, thanks to The Steepwater Band for being my friend and family. It does bring meaning to Christi's and my life. All of you contributed tonight to our play of life.  "Carpe diem, contribute to the play of life." - Wes

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