Sunday, September 6, 2015

Rock 'N' Rail Festival 2015 - Day 4

This is the last day of the 7th annual Rock 'N' Rail Festival. A lot of work went into these 4 days. I need to give a big thanks to my Town of Griffith for doing this for the community. It was very enjoyable.

Here are links to Day 1 and Day 2. I did not attend Day 3 because of a prior engagement with The Steepwater Band. Actually, the drummer Joe Winters and his Wife's wedding anniversary!

I did not attend the entire day. I came to see Upsidedown and Backwards, then came back to see the The Kinsey Report.

Upsidedown and Backwards

I have recently been following these guys. I took a lot of photos of Ryan on lead guitar. Yes, because he is talented, however because he feels the vibe when playing blues, or any other music as far as that goes. Realize, it is not just him. The band he plays with is what gives him that drive. So thank you band (Derek, Lou, and Matt) for making the sound, the visual, the heart felt vibe that comes from you.

Island 49

I had been hooked on the spicy link at T&S Catering. Here they are slow cooking some beef brisquete. After a couple free samples, I bought two sandwiches. Good stuff!

Catching a cool mist from the elephant trunk . . .

A lot of photos are coming up next of the The Kinsey Report. Everything was on a smooth cruise with these guys tonight, which caught my eye for photography.

The Kinsey Report

I have to say, the Kinsey Report lays down some very smooth blues to cruise to. The fun lifting feeling you get when listening and watching these guys is unbelievable. I had a lot of fun with them photographing. Donald at the helm was so sweet to the soul that you stayed on the train with them, all down the way down the tracks.

Donald Kinsey

Man does Donald lay it down for us. I hope my photos of him this evening give him the praise he well deserves. He works hard, yet effortlessly at his and his brother's music. Thank you Donald, for your performances. We do appreciate!

Ralph Kinsey

One cannot say enough about these brothers. I will say, Ralph is the anchor for the brothers, keeping it real for us.

Andy Ogrodzinski

I saved the best for last. I say that, with great respect to his brothers. I met Kenny first, out of all his brothers. Then my bride Christi had known Kenny too. Kenny lays down a smooth bass sound that can give a women orgasms. Okay, yes I just wrote that.

Kenneth Kinsey

High Noon

You can check out the Rock 'N' Rail event page on Facebook by clicking here. See you next year!

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