Sunday, September 13, 2015

Oak Ridge Prairie

There is a lot to do in NW Indiana. Makes me wonder sometimes why I even travel outside NW Indiana to see more. Guess it is part of the pioneer in me. Anyway, Christi and Bubba (our pup) go to Oak Ridge Prairie often, and once and a while I will tag along because I am available. This blog entry is to show you some of the nature you can find there.

The location is a bit obscure. You may not even know it is there. The entrance is located off Colfax, south of Main St. It is basically behind the Griffith airport. A very large plot of land with everything nature. You should come out and see it. There is a parking fee. See the end of this blog for more information.

Here are some photos that Christi and I took, all with my tag on the photo for ease of publication. Christi took the ones of the butterflies. Enjoy!

There had to have been 100 butterflies around the areas we walked. Christi took a photos of a few of them.

These next two photos are of the same plant, just different angles.

Oak Ridge Prairie
301 S. Colfax St.
Griffith, IN 46319

Daily fees $5 per vehicle and annual $40, for Indiana residence.

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