Friday, September 4, 2015

Rock 'N' Rail Festival 2015 - Day 2

Griffith is a very nice community to live in. Family living all around. Family fun all around. This weekend was the 7th Annual Rock 'N' Rail Festival. Downtown Griffith on Broad Street was blocked off for this 4-day festival.

Food and entertainment for the citizens of Griffith, and the surrounding communities. The best around! This weekend is in conjunction with the other Friday Griffith Central Market that takes place during the summer.  Not that the Market took place this Friday. I just wanted to plug it as another opportunity for you to enjoy Griffith! Some of the same vendors participate in both, like Yinyang Gourmeals of Munster. I plug them because I cannot walk away without having one of their Kabobs or Tacos. Same goes for T&S Catering of Griffith. I love their spicy link.

This annual festival brings in a lot of musical talent. Friday we saw Chicago 6 starring some of the players from the 1985 Chicago Bears. This evening we saw American English and Nicole Jamrose. Saturday brings Ronnie G, and Gizzae Reggae Band. And Sunday, my favorite the Kinsey Report, and then High Noon.

There is not only music and food, there was a car and motorcycle show on Friday hosted by the Griffith Firefighter’s Association. Also, plenty for the kids to in the Kidzone to do each day.

Here are some photos of the Friday Festival.  Remember, it goes through Sunday!!!

You can also read my blog for Day 1 and Day 4.

We arrived just as the Festival opened. People were already walking around.

The first band on the main stage for the evening, Got Issues.

Next up, Wise Guys, with my buddy on keyboards, Chris . . .

Yes, everyone was out and enjoying the time, and a pizza goes with that . . .

Next up, guess who? No, not The Guess Who, American English!

American English's biggest fan! She has seen more of their shows than I have had vacation days!

Nicole Jamrose

Nicole and her band put on a very good show. I had a real good time photographing it, and some dancing in between photographing.

Traci Braun, drummer, was really good. You may think she looks mean in the next photo, however, take a look at the cymbals the photo after. Hitting the beat hard for the song, and she nailed it. I love this girl!

Ha, she caught me photographing . . . love it when that happens. Makes for some good photography.

You can check out the Rock 'N' Rail event page on Facebook by clicking here. See you next year!

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