Friday, September 9, 2016

Secrets of a Soccer Mom - Towle Theater

Secrets of a Soccer Mom, a comedy, written by Kathleen Clark, presented through a special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

When an x-athlete, a photographer who never pushed herself forward, and a PTA mom get together as soccer moms, what can go wrong? Well, nothing really. The play is not one to stereotype these ladies as soccer moms (or other ladies as non-soccer moms), but one to highlight real life and to overcome the barriers put forth. 

It is obvious that the ladies are battling their daily life and want to take it out on the field with this moms vs sons game. But against their own children? The children surely cannot handle a loss to their moms. So whether the moms should let them win or not is up for discussion. In the end, their personal life frustration prevails and they team up (talking themselves into it) to beat their children. Surprisingly to the their children’s satisfaction!

Yes this play might be thought of at first as a cliché or stereotype. However, if you really see and listen to what is going on, you will come away with something different. I came away with three women starting the day with a life struggle, and ending in a win toward what they individually needed to do in order to be happy in life.

I thought what set this apart from perhaps other plays of "Secrets of a Soccer Mom" was the cast, and the stage use of spotlights to highlight each of the soccer moms, both at the beginning and the ending of the play. The stage is kept simple, which purposely puts focus on the actors. I have to say, time went by fast as these three actors kept your attention as if they were an improv ensemble.

The cast who wonderfully performed:

Lynn - Stephanie Rohr

Nancy - Suzanne Nyhan

Alison - Alexandra Shields

Here are photos from the play . . .

 A special thanks to all involved!

Production Staff

Director John Buranosky
Lighting Design Jeff Casey
Light Board Operator Adrienne Petty
Costume Design Kevin Bellamy
Technical Assistance Adrienne Petty

Lead Show Sponsor

DG Law

Towle Theater
5205 Hohman Ave.
Hammond, IN 46320
(219) 937-8780

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