Friday, September 30, 2016

Beatniks Open Mic Night Reboot

Friday evening Beatniks opened the doors for an open mic night, and was hosted by Krystal and Marc. This was a comeback for Beatniks from many years ago when an open mic use to be held. (Maybe as many as 18 years now.) 

There were some great performances, great acoustics within the building, and many great friends to support this "reboot". Here are some photos for you to enjoy. Note that my bride and I left early, so do not let the few photos fool you.

There is a lot of photos of Krystal and Marc here. This first one I had to put in, Krystal. Just loved the look you your face . . .

A member of Victory GardenMichael Finney, played tonight. Talk about exciting arrangements and vocal. This guy was great.

Beatniks on Conkey
418 Conkey Street
Hammond, IN 46324

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1 comment:

Mary LeVan said...

thrilled to see your posting, Wes - great job - love Beatniks - grew up in that neighborhood - wonderful seeing all the talent that evening - special place in my heart -