Thursday, September 1, 2016

Rock 'N' Rail Fest Day 1

My bride Christi and I hit the Rock 'N' Rail fest right after I came home from work. This started the packed week of entertainment and photography for us, and no where else than starting in our Town of Griffith.

This festival is FREE. A total of 21 bands will hit the main stage, with another 7 on the bar stage. The Kidzone had themes each day with their own open mic on Saturday and a doggie costume contest on Sunday. And lets not forget about a car and motorcycle show on Friday, and lots of food these four days.

For Day 2 photos you can click "here".  For Day 3 photos you can click "here".

The first band to open the event was Cookin' Country. We arrived just as they were finishing their last song.

Griffith Indiana Animal Control was out this year finding homes for pets, and taking donations towards a new shelter. For more information you can click "here". Continue to help find homes for these pets, and donate if you can! (Our dog Bubba is a rescue dog. We love him and would not give him up for the world.)

Up on the bar stage was David Blixt.

A little pre-show vid by 80's Enough, and then they were off rock'n us out. I love You can find them on Facebook by clicking here, and on the Internet by clicking "here". Dee Dee their lead vocal is a powerhouse of energy. She is like a teenager in stage letting it all out. One cannot help but smile when watching her perform. I love this group. Also, I am a bit prejudice because our friend Johnny Sullivan plays base in the band, however, this day he was on drums and kicked it for them.

My bride Christi taking a break . . .

Pipe and Drums of the Indiana Sheriff's Department

Memorial to those in law enforcement in Indiana who have fallen in the last year.

Nicole Jamrose playing on the Bar Stage, both before and after American English. You can click "here" to see her Facebook page, and "here" for Internet.

The main act this evening, American English. Click "here" to find them on Facebook, and "here" for the Internet. I have to say that even though the sound stage was the best around, the lighting stage did not do so well. So apologies up front for the quality of the photos. (We choose to not use flash for the sake of the performers. If the stage is lit well, there are generally no problems with photos.)

The "fifth" Beatle . . .

I had to take this next photo to show you the difference in lighting on stage, vs. lighting of the stage. Yes, I am a little miffed at this.

You can check out the Rock 'N' Rail event page on Facebook by clicking here. See you next year!

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