Thursday, September 15, 2016

Nomad Planets at Tomfoolery

My first Tomfoolery Show put together by Tom Byelick. This one was held at Sheridan Plaza, 119th & Sheridan Avenue in beautiful downtown Whiting, Indiana! If you are not familiar with the show, it is a variety show with various comedians, and some musical entertainment. This evening it was changed up a little, with the Nomad Planets headlining, with comedian Gia Claire cracking us up in between.

I will start out with a couple photos on my way home from work, before going to the the Tomfoolery Show. This is what happens when you are sitting in a car, waiting for a train, and have a camera available.

They were giving away this Sox shirt . . . wished I had won it!

Mr. Chris Ussery on keyboards! I do not take a lot of photos of him because of location or lighting. This time all was good.

Photographer Ed Smaron at large . . .

Lighting was not quite right this night. Too many hot spots and light shining up from under their faces. Though, if you were looking for a spooky photographs these may come close.

Here is a short clip of the evening, not professionally done, but still entertaining . . .

Comedian Gia Claire!

Cross Your Legs Nomad Dance

Tomfoolery Fun Club

Gia Claire

Nomad Planets

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