Saturday, May 11, 2024

Nomad Planets On The Rise

Traveling among their music and fellow musicians, Nomad Planets covers a lot of territory with original music, which in itself wonders in a huge variety of combined notes and word.

To become of member of this wonderful path of life that the Nomads want you to take, all you have to do is join the caravan across the stars. Roam with them, let them take you on an unusual yet fulfilling journey. These universally music Nomads can and will exploit all they can before they move on. One such member that is doing that so well is John Carpenter.

John has really stepped up his genius on the guitar. He melodizes in a wave of music that floats your imagination on his and the bands journey through a song. The other Nomads Mark Mybeck, Phil Rapchak, Terence Boylan, and Chris Grove, keep reaching out to the universe for new music. And they are finding it. They are preaching it. They hunt and gathered it. And there is so much more to come from them.

This is indeed the year of the Nomad Planets. They are a very solid, joyful, entertaining group of guys that have grown leaps and bounds this year, placing them at the #1 spot of my "you must go see" list of bands. Yes, they are that strong.

Don't miss out. Enjoy the fluid like, unique like, expressive like, not stuck in one tune like, band. You will never regret it.

One cannot omit the wonderful EAT establishment located in downtown Hammond on Hohman Avenue, where the Nomads chose to park it for the evening. The food is always exceptionally good there. The décor is perfect with art, space, with an atomic age meets steampunkish type home feel. This is not your town bar commercialized crank it out money taker. This is a place to relax, kick back, and enjoy. Such a powerful place in what is becoming once again a powerful community. Check it out!

The first few photographs are of the outside, showing some of the EAT building and improvement construction going on downtown Hammond. Exciting times! Then a lot of inside photographs of EAT. Don't worry, there are Nomad Planet photographs further on, after the opening show with Bowman & Rose!

Bowman & Rose

Nomad Planets

Bowman & Rose
Nomad Planets

5201 Hohman Ave.
Hammond, Indiana 46320

Also check out:
El Taco Real
935 Hoffman St.
Hammond, Indiana 46327


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