Saturday, June 1, 2013

Region Rat Rollers vs Lake City Roller Dolls 6/1/13

We lost. We won.

How we view ourselves, life in general, determines when we get up to do things, and how we do them. The Region Rat Rollers get up every morning knowing when they bout, it will be tough. The glass is never half full or half empty, it is just the wrong size. They stay conditioned, they train, and enjoy what they do, all at the same time. They just need to figure out what their opponent is doing, and countermeasure.  

At the end you have never lost. You have won. That goes for both teams. You walk away with pride no matter what. I will write, I am proud of our RRR for leaving it out on the track, giving it their all, taking the hits, and injuries, yes feeling down because of points, however, please know your character counts for more than anything else in this world.

Here are some photos of our team at work. PLEASE do me a favor and go see them the next time they play in Hammond. PLEASE get the word out. They need our family support!!! As I do my photography, for FREE, the RRR get out on the track and do this for free as well.

The End

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