Friday, June 21, 2013

Zuni's in Highland

(Zuni's is now closed.  This blog post will remain.)

One of my favorite pizza places moved next door . . . too cool, like Doctor Who bow ties and fezzes. Now, to understand where I am coming from, you need to know where I have been.

I grew up in Glenwood, and went to high school in Flossmoor. I remember in high school going to the original Aurelio's pizza on Ridge Road in Homewood. It was small, however, the pizza was the best around. Then Sanfratello's opened in Glenwood, on Main Street. I watched it start as one small house, then two connected, to what it is today. Different pizzas. Both in my "stomping grounds". Both great.

I now live in Griffith. I went on a rampage trying pizzas around the area. Seemed like I always ended up at Sanfratello's in Highland, when it was on 45th. Then my son and I came across Zuni's. My first taste was when Zuni's first opened in Highland, where it is today. When they closed the Highland store years ago, I found the one on Pine Island in Schererville. I have ordered many pizzas to go from that Pine Island store, until one day, just a few months ago, they closed. Needless to say it was a sad day for pizza lovers.

Driving down 45th I then saw the sign, something to the effect that Zuni's was coming soon, back where I first found them! Yeaaaa for pizza lovers!!!!!!

Okay, you get the hint. I like Zuni's pizza.

The pizza is the same! Years ago when Aurelio's moved around the corner from the original store, they brought the old oven with. We found that if we asked for our pizza made from the old oven, it was better than the new oven. Zuni's has managed to maintain their pizza taste during their move . . . thank you thank you thank you!!!  I mention this because I am an industrial engineer with emphasis on quality.  Anytime you can repeat a process, especially after relocating it, then you are maintaining that quality customers enjoy.

Here are some photos that I have taken of Zuni's. If you like pizza, need lots of space for friends and family, then Zuni's is the place to go.

Well, I happened to be sitting near a rock garden, so . . .

I saw the reflection of their outdoor sign as I walked by. Wanted to photograph it, so I did. Perhaps not the best composition around, however I still find it a bit interesting.

Zuni's House of Pizza
2907 W. 45th Street
Highland, IN
(219) 922-0444

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