Friday, June 14, 2013

Who Prov on a Friday Night . . . Cool

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I am a slow learner. Repetition works with me. So now I know what improv is. Again, I cannot help but reflect on the history of The Second City when I watch Who Prov. These actors did do their heritage proud!!!!

You can read more of what I have to say as you scroll through the abundance of photos. (I have a happy trigger finger.)  So, here you go . . .

Calling out "Doctor" at the beginning of this show reminded me of all the past companions in the Doctor Who series. This is the "classic" portrayal and very effective if you are a Doctor Who fan. My feelings run deep. I had the pleasure of meeting, sitting an talking with, having drinks with, many of the Doctor Who companions of the old series. Calling out "Doctor" reminded me of each experience. The most touching experience being with the late Elisabeth Sladen (1946-2011) who played the character of Sarah Jane Smith. Lis was as pleasurable off screen as she was on screen. I ramble, because I like to that this Who Prov cast for reminding me. (Mel Evans of Who Prov reminds me of Lis.  Thank you Mel!!!)

You cannot have an episode of Doctor Who without someone running.  Who Prov exploited that very well to open the show. Nothing is left out, and nothing is the same each show. (This is my 3rd.)  Another enjoyment.

Each show the Who Prov changes Doctors. This night Ryan Perisin took the headline, which was good, because the other two times I seen Who Prov he was picked by the audience member to be the "look alike" companion. Now I was able to see more of Ryan.

Improv is cool, like Doctor Who bow ties and fezzes. What I like is the extra stuff, the things that break up the norm of the improv, like the applause that seems to come out of nowhere, for "The Actor" C.J. Tuor. Planned? . . . or course, as you see The Doctor and his companion looking around trying to find where it is coming from. Funny? . . . heck yes.

What was funny for me this time, was the actors mentioning to the other actors when they missed a "monologue moment". Those brief opportune times that an improv can take their character and control the dialogue, to "showcase" as you will, their skill. In an improv you never know when it will come. In this improv, I saw the other improvs letting the other know "you blew it", and that in itself was hysterical.

I see now, from watching the Who Prov three different times, what improv is. With a group of people it is teamwork. It is cuing, stimulus from your fellow improv. It is creative license that has to be approved by the alien creative license bureau. It is having no fear of failure, because in improv, Who's to know? (Get it, like Doctor Who? . . . inside the TARDSIS joke.) It is having a quick mind, a vast source of situational training, automatic response to so some things, and creative problem solving on others.

Having been to The Second City, and Donny's Skybox to watch Who Prov, I realize why I have liked improv in the past. Why Those actors draw me in. They are special. They are talented. They are me on the inside, yet bigger on the outside. (Okay, another TARDIS joke, reversed, to bend your mind a little.)

We have a 50th Anniversary Doctor Who convention this year in Lombard, over Thanksgiving weekend. I think I am going to try and cook something up, make some connections, to make that weekend special for everyone, including these improvs. I will see what I can do.

In the mean time, there is one more Friday to see Who Prove, and that is June 21st. If I did not have another commitment, I would go for my 4th time, again wearing my fez, and toting my 4th Doctor sonic screwdriver . . . oh, and lets not forget my TARDIS diary for autographs.

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For more information on Who Prov . . .

Who Prov

Friday's at 7:30

May 31 thru June 21, 2013

Donny's Skybox
1608 N Wells St.
Chicago, IL  60610
(312) 337-3992

$13 for tickets

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KaitlynPerisin said...

Awesome post, Wes! Thanks for the picture of my nephew Liam & I :) Hope to see you back again for the next round of Who Prov coming this fall!