Friday, June 7, 2013

The Steepwater Band at Chicago House of Blues

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You know, when you take out the theatrics, the commercialization, the "show", and break music down to what it is suppose to be, rooted, enjoyable, a vibe of energy on its own transmitting throughout all who are listening, what do you get???

The Steepwater Band !

Yes, I said it. I will stand up to that statement until someone proves me wrong. I have been to more concerts than the average person. Few concerts to some. Yes, the name bands have music on the radio and can play it in concert with lights, theatrics, and an ensemble of everything you can think of. However, strip it down to what music is to each of us, and The Steepwater Band comes out on top.

Each of these guys, artists, craftsmen, are genuinely blessed with talent. There is nothing my photography can show you. You have to see it for yourself to believe. Please go find your belief!!

Each member of The Steepwater Band are equal, a unit, a mass in motion, a gel that one cannot pull away from by himself.  But with the others, the unit, the band, they take it to where no band has gone before. I truly believe that. 

Though I may show you more photos of one artist than another, this in no way reflects how this band functions because they are one musical note, complex, individualistic, and integral. What my photos do show is my photography improvement, and need for continual improvement.

Here is your Chicago House of Blues lineup for the evening . . .

The Steepwater Band

Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts

Magic Box

A big thanks to Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts, and to Magic Box. If it was not for you, the evening would not have turned out as great for me as it did. So with that, lets start the photos with Magic Box who opened for us. THANK YOU from The Steepwater Fans!!!!

Magic Box

Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts

The Steepwater Band

Jeff Massey

Tod Bowers

Joe Winters

Eric Saylors

To give you an idea of the lighting changes that take place at a venue, check this next series of photos of Tod Bowers . . . (all just within a couple seconds)

Friend Jerry Clemons . . .

Tonight's performance was epic. It was the end, the last song, that made it epic. No selfishness. True music between musicians who enjoy music. It came from all the bands who played this evening. It was rooted in what they believe. It was their Play time. It was our memories.

The fun does not stop until the drummer says so.  Joe Winters is great.  He knows how to flirt with the audience.  He teases us with his energy, drive, the need to finish . . . when HE is ready to finish.  When the vibe shifted from the band to Joe to close us out, Joe basically responded, okay . . . one more burst of energy though . . . leave it all on the stage.  Once he lit it, the adrenalin in the fans went to a new high, like a second orgasm.  Joe hung it out there, sticks against skins, to the point even he could not take it, then he closed.  Wow . . .

Here is a clip of the JAM, by Cortez the Killer. I found this clip today (6/10) on YouTube. Boy did it stir up some good vibes. Yet, it is not enough. You had to be there, to see the full stage, what these artists were doing individually and as a whole, listening to each note from each instrument. Yes, the vid is cool, shows the talent, yet having the real experience does add so much more to this evening.

I cannot say enough about The Steepwater Band.  In the vinyl days, you could listen to a song and be pretty much assured you were getting the best.  Going to concerts was an option.  Nowadays, I feel we have lost the edge when we went away from vinyl.  Today's technology has change our lives to "instant everything".   However, some things come back, like a live concert.  I do not believe a vinyl of this concert would have done it justice.  This is one for the books, that you had to be there.

Thank you, to all my friends of The Steepwater Band.  You have lit a rebirth to what I want to do in life . . . photography.  You have led us back to rooted music, stripped of the commercialization.  This is what makes you great.  WE THE PEOPLE need to become part of your family, to support you in your journey, to help you become more successful.  So People, get out and see The Steepwater Band!!!!!

Here are some links to the bands this evening . . .

Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts

Magic Box

Oh, and if you have never been the Chicago House of Blues, here are some photos.

Parking Lot

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