Tuesday, July 30, 2013

the Please Please Me band - at Reggies

I do my photography for free.  I can barely afford to, but I do.  Why?  It pleases me, and I hope it pleases you.

The Please Please Me band is cut from a similar drive.  One that causes them to want to perform, not only to please themselves, but us as well, and they do it well!  The following photos are from Tuesday nights gig at Reggies.  Please do not let the photos fool you, because I was fooling around learning photography.  The band is bigger than my photos.  The band is heavier than my photos.  The band is bright, energetic, indie-pop, telling their stories through music, fun, and dance.

the Please, Please Me

Jessie Torrisi - Lead Vocal / Guitar

Alissa McClure - Cello/ Vocal

Agustin Frederic - Drums

The Please Please Me band is inviting us. They want us to get to know them. They want you to party on the dance floor with them. This is all the literal word. They also mean, if you cannot go see them, follow them on Facebook, YouTube, through my blog if you will. If you can, write and say hi to them. 

We should acknowledge all artists. If we cannot physically be there to support them, should our preference be on the side lines, we need to try and acknowledge to artists that we do care, that we do enjoy. I am asking everyone to "reach out" to all of the artists. They make our world a better place. They bind us in peace, sort of a Please, Please Me, if you will.

the Please, Please me
Austin, TX

Thank you Agustin, Alissa, Jessie . . .

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