Saturday, July 20, 2013

Wes' Field Trip 1

Today I chose to go out on a venture. Not a big one mind you, but one of curiosity and a little regret.

My first stop was in Crown Point, at the Sip Coffee House. I thought I had sold one of my photos. As it turned out, it was Jen's art that sold. I did not realize it until 2 hours later. However, perhaps both ours sold and I was just given the wrong packet of money. Jen and I are still unsure what happened, and are still trying to straighten it out. Here are some photos outside the Sip Coffee House and of the square. The square sort of reminds me of the movie "Back to the Future".

Thinking I had money from my photo and that it might be in the form of a check, my plan was to go to the bank to deposit it and another check I had. On the way I ran into Minnie and Mickey Mouse. As I wrote on Facebook, I tried to get a date, but she would not have anything to do with me. Someone commented perhaps it was because I was a rat! lol . . . thanks John.

I needed to drop a photo off at Beatnick's On Conkey. So I took the chance that someone would be there working on the set. Turns out nobody was, however, I took advantage of being in Hammond to do some more photography.

Next in the plan for the day was to go to Plymouth, IN. My timing was off (missing the event), however the trip was enjoyable. On the way out there I stopped at the old US 30 Dragstrip, where the great ones - Run!!! My friends I grew up with seemed to have all gone there at one time in their life. Me, I never did. I regret that. I was into anything mechanical at that time (including cameras), and was the gearhead in town when I received my driver's license. So finding the strip, taking photos, driving down the track through the weeds, was all I could do 29 years later. It was cool to see. I could still see the parking stripes on the pavement, the AHRA logo that is now super faded, and was able to imagine what it was like. It was a good feeling . . .

Along the way to Plymouth, I knew there was a spot I had always wanted to stop at. I found it, stopped, and took these photos.

Missing the event in Plymouth, I turned around and stopped at a couple other spots that I saw on the way to Plymouth.

Once I hit Valpo, I saw an old Buick sitting all by itself. I could not resist cutting people off to turn into the lot to photograph.

Through all the travels from the morning, I was doing a lot of thinking. That will be in another blog post. What did catch my attention was the smell of the vegetation along US30, near Pine Island Road. So, the next morning I chose to get up early and walk that section of US30. (With my safety vest on!) Afterward, I went to Griffith's "A Park Full Of Art". This art event was really cool. I have been to a few surrounding community events like this, however, this one was very impressive.

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