Thursday, July 4, 2013

Lisle Hot Air Balloons

I took these photos on July 4th, 2013, and have not posted them until now (September 27, 2016). Was a busy week then and I never got to them. Since I was looking for one of the photos, I thought I would post them now.

I am not sure if the venue had a name back then. Today you can find it under "Lisle's Eyes to the Skies Festival", in Lisle, Illinois. For more information you can click "here". I took an extra vacation day to make this a 4-day weekend, and arrive early to see them light up as it were. They did not take off, but did some lifting off and back down. If I recall that was the plan for the day, and I do not believe the prevailing winds were favorable for travel.

There are two photograph sets because I used two cameras. I did not put them all together and sort as I do for the other blogs I post. This first photo is early morning, hence the darkness. Later on in the photos you will see others similar to this. That starts the other camera set of photos. Enjoy!

You can see the one on the background in the air and burning. Then you can see in the next photo that burn stopped, and the one in for foreground burning. All were tethered to the ground by some means, typically to a vehicle, so they were not going anywhere.

They were giving up-and-down rides in this next balloon.

My walk back to the car . . .

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